Angie Victoria

You Are Lyrics

                    VERSE ONE
Oh Son are you weary?
Oh Daughter come near me.
Do you know who I Am?
Do you know who You Are?
I am your creator, Your Father
Mighty warrior, strong in battle.
I go before you, always for you.
I have your back I will never ignore.
Before you even look for me,
I will find you.
Before you even say a word,
My ear’s inclined to you.
I need you to remember that,
I will fight for you.

I am your Mighty Warrior
To the ends of the earth.
My love is your redemption,
My blood is your worth.
And for you I’ll keep fighting
I’ll keep fighting
It’s the world your shine will be lighting
Arise into your Victory!
It is Finished!

Get up don’t you hear it? (Get up don’t you hear it?)
Stand bold don’t you fear it! (Stand bold don’t you fear it!)
It knows who I Am. (aaaaaaah aaaah-aaah-aaah)
It knows who You Are.
You Are the head, not the tail
You Are wise, you’re not destined to fail
You Are Victorious,
You are Bold,
Your value exceeds that of diamonds and gold.
You Are free,
You Are Strong,
I Am your refuge, I’m where you belong;
Your Great defender,
No retreat ‘n’ no surrender!

It is Finished!
It is Finished

The End