Pastor Emma

Colourful World Lyrics


It's a realm of Glory
A beautiful world 
A colourful world 
Everything in it is a marvel. 

It's a realm of saviors
Kings and Priests
Where Jesus the Sun
is shining brighter 
lighting our world
lighting our world
lighting our wolrd

It's colorful world.
A land of beauty.
Nothing in it is blurred.  
Its a colorful world. 
The city of God
Everything is in HD. 

Everything is in HD 
I mean high definition
See the people in HD 
Sickness and disease cannot come an inch near them

Beautiful people in HD
Poverty and lack 
Lives miles away from this world. 


I belong there! 
I belong there!
I belong there! 
I belong there! 

I am shining
I am shining with Him
Nothing can stop me
Nothing can hinder me
Nothing can limit me
Nothing can delay me