Raised For a Purpose Ministries has launched it’s music streaming service offering a wide variety of music to the public, as well as a platform for its artists to sell and distribute their music. 

This is a response to various calls from music enthusiasts wanting a central hub to access all RFP art. 

Director for Purpose Music and Arts, Pastor Emma Mwasinga, said is accessible on PCs and on mobile devices. 

Mwasinga said, “What we are launching now is presently only accessible to those that are on windows, but soon we will graduate to all mobile devices, as a mobile App is under construction, as we speak.” 

The site provides a one-touch access for music across all major genres, giving music lovers accessibility to their favourite music on their smartphones.  She said the platform is for all art forms: Music, Dance, Spoken Word, etc. The site will facilitate easy distribution of these arts. 

“In this day and age, the world is one. It’s just at your finger tip, so wherever people are, they must get our content wherever and whenever, and is responding to this,” Mwasinga said. 

“ It's an exclusive all fully-loaded-entertainment-domain! And we are taking it in phases. We are already working on the second phase that will feature music charts, video streaming, artists’ profiles, etc,” she said. 
“Let me not pre-empt the entire project, but our team is working round the clock to offer a 21st century tech-friendly site that will revolutionalize Christian entertainment”.  
RFP Ministries harnesses technology as a key to meeting its vision of ministering to man in his totality, that’s spirit, soul and body. The ministry is also taking advantage of technology by streaming all its services live. 

RFP is an international, interdenominational ministry led by Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga. Its headquarters is in Malawi with branches in all the major cities in Malawi and is fast spreading globally.