Jaaziel, the spoken word artist under Purpose Expressions; an RFP spoken word artists’ group, will release his first piece; which will be the very first spoken word piece to be uploaded on the newly launched RFP Music and Arts (MAM) website. With so much hype and excitement for this upcoming piece, one can’t help but wonder: who is Jaaziel? What inspired this piece? How did he write it? What are his plans for the piece, and any other future plans for his spoken word?

Jaaziel government named Emmanuel Chideru, is an electrical and electronics engineering student at the University of Malawi; the Polytechnic. Inspired by listening to other spoken word artists, Jaaziel started his journey in February 2017.  Writing several pieces inspired by the Holy Spirit since then, “The account of a Grace-man” is Jaaziel’s first recording, and will be released on the 14th of this month.

The account of the grace-man is a description of Jaaziel’s salvation story, prompted for him to share by the Holy Spirit, in detail. He believes that sharing his story will help other people understand what God can and is willing to do in their lives, if only they give their lives to Him by receiving Jesus Christ. 

Currently, Jaaziel is working on the publicity of The account of the grace-man, making sure it’s what is trending in the local scene. His targeted number of downloads for the day of its release is not less than one thousand, and with the anticipation and hype the publicity has already created, it is no doubt that the target will be met come Wednesday the 14th.
Jaaziel’s plans are to release a video for The account of a Grace-man and later, move on to release an EP.

Keep a lookout for The account of the Grace-man by Jaaziel this Wednesday, the 14th, to be released first, nowhere else but RFPMAM website.