Adrian Ovitha Matambo, stage name Scriptureman, is a spoken word artist under RFP Music and Arts. He is a man whose vision is to reconcile men back to God through his poetry.

His poetry journey began in 2015. Inspired by a friend, Scriptureman took his poetry from his bedroom to the RFP stage. His first performance was during HAEZ in 2016, where he received the best award for Best Artist of the night. He then went on to perform at the Grand Conference on Combining Spiritual and Academic Excellence in Lilongwe, with more than 100 people's audience, including international streams. In 2017, Scriptureman was one of the opening acts for Da Truth in Mzuzu.

Scriptureman has worked with Quano, a.k.a ABODE on the intro for the Not of this World album by the Misfits, and There Here a live performance on the crossover night of 2017.

Scriptureman's role model is Ezekiel Azonwu of Passion for Christ Movement(P4CM)

Currently, Scriptureman is working on releasing his first piece this year, titled Decisions and also the recorded version of There Here with Abode.

Scriptureman's poetry is unique in its delivery and style, so much so that it is captivates and draws even non-poetry lovers.