1st January, Crazy love by Marty came out, straight went into the top 10.

10th January, Steady by Shyreen was released, and the same day it became one number.

19th January, Lonje gave the world ‘Amazing Love’ and great was the company of them that published it! It got the top spot.

Victorious by Anga followed; released on 29th January. Since its release, it has remained in top five.

12th February, Colourful World by Pastor Emma came out! An instant hit! From a newbie to a number 1 song, same day!

It's mimshach; it’s the working of the Holy Spirit.

For Marty, Shyreen, Anga, these are their very first studio work; these are their first songs. Now what a way to launch a music career! Having your first ever recorded song becoming a hit, and a chart topper. It’s the working of the Holy Ghost.

“Wow! This is amazing! Is this a song by a Malawian artist? I just listened to Colourful World and thought it's an American artist,” one of the 4918 people that have downloaded it posted on one of the WhatsApp groups. This is just a sample of countless comments from music fans that continue to testify that Music and Arts songs are but of a global appeal.
The world hasn’t yet heard the many unrecorded content that this year alone is to unleash, courtesy of RFPMusic. It's all going to be released exclusively on this site.