Up and close with Zicco_Will and Quano
Abode, Zicco_Will. Abode being Quano and Zicco Will, Ziko William. These are musical geniuses that are slowly permeating the music industry. Quano and Ziko are siblings. Both are spoken Word Artists. They all belong to a Musical Drama Group. 

What's the name of this musical drama? 
“There isn’t an official name yet but all those involved also record with INNOV8 Sounds” Zicco_Will explained during an interview with Music and Arts. He said INNOV8 is a recording studio he co-owns with other multi-talented artist, Peter Banda, aka PB aka Pete.  “Abode, Emmanuela, Louis, Pete, Zaithwa and myself are members of this musical drama,” Zicco shades more light. 

Can we conclude then that music runs in the Kumwenda family? 
Abode laughs out loud. “No sir, it doesn’t. It's safe to say that we are the first generation." “My brother has always helped me with vocal trainings. We used to sing together at home during our secondary school days, and we would have spontaneous sessions at the studio with Pete” 

Pursuing individual musical paths, the two unveiled their 2018 plans.
“Of course we are planning on a spoken word piece together, however each one of us is pursuing an individual music journey. I will release a minimum of six songs this year. All About You is the tittle of my next single that I'm currently working on. Should be out mid or end March, 2018.” Zicco_Will said

While most people will either sing, rap or dance in a song, Zicco_Will possesses the unique ability to do all the 3 at once while maintaining perfect flow. This ability to blend different styles in the same song and use unusual technique based on his creativity gives him a style that is his own.
His recent single, King amassed 2000 plus downloads on and also earned him 2017 Music and Arts artist of the year runner-up accolade. 

Is Abode working on some new material? 
“Sure. March, actually.  The world should be listening to my song. I'm in the studio working on it. I'm doing house, kind of like South African group, Micasa,” she said. 
She has worked with certified misfits on their album released in 2017, Not Of This World, doing the intro spoken word with Scriptureman. 
Her spoken word idol is Jackie Hill Perry, and musical icons: Jonathan Mcreynolds, Ada and Travis Greene. Her musical journey was inspired by the impact she saw in music. She believes in the transforming power in God's word, spoken and sung to bring change in people's lives. 

Abode means dwelling place, and her government name is Kwanu Quano Kumwenda, meaning 'your home complete' Abode also does acting and dance.