Psalm 73 by Anga David



                    They seem on top
They seem not plagued with what you caught 
They seem to live painless
There bodies so healthy and so strong
They wear  there pride like a jewel
Majestic and yet so cruel
And you wonder why oh why oh why
Is God out for lunch

Yet your the one who plays by the rules
Your the one who is co-heirs with Christ
You need to step up and take what truly belongs to you

You  need to rise and shine
You're not an ordinary man
Put on your armour of Christ and brother 
Take it by force x2

They seem on top 
You seem to be fighting day and night 
To keep your mind focused
On the crown that you know you will attain
He's aiming right at you with his fiery darts and weapons of doom
And you wonder why oh why oh why 
Can't I sit down and rest


You are steadfast ,Immovable
Always abounding in the work of the lord
Nothing can separate you from the love of God x2

You need to riiseee
You need to riiise

Keep rising 
Keep shining